Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2010 Update

In early 2010 we were notified that the last repairs to the exterior were complete and the unit was ready for water testing.  Everyone agreed a water test made sense in order to close this file and assure everyone that there would no more problems in the future.   When the City of Calgary inspector viewed the board's repairs it issued a "stop work order" causing more delays.

By May, 2010, that problem was fixed and we are now hopeful that the end of this nightmare is near.   For reference, we filed a Statement of Claim which is public and remains unserved today while we await final repairs.

Lessons for Other Condominium Owners:  Now, we think there's a possibility of going home soon.  We learned so much about what can go wrong and to this day we still don't understand why this has been ongoing for years.  But here is a distilled list of things we believe condominium owners should know before someone starts working on the exterior of their home.

  • Fix it once, fix it properly.   It saves so much time and trouble later.
  • Hire paid Managers with the expertise to oversee large projects and be responsible for the results.
  • Your insurance could be absolutely worthless.
  • Do not rely on the Alberta Condominium Act to protect owners.  It only protects the board.
  • Elect a strong board with skills and proven knowledge in areas that are important.
  • Hire a professional property manager with credentials, insurance and a bond for performance.
  • Don't hesitate to seek counsel when you start to feel uncomfortable with the lack of progress.
  • Do not accept real or apparent conflicts of interest with contractors and your association
  • No building permit?  Call the City and ask.

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